Our Responsibilities

  • Manage and monitor all consultancy projects to ensure that they are implemented in

    accordance with the scope, terms and schedules set.

  • Provide contract documents or agreements binding on both parties to be signed by clients

    and UECSB.

  • Provide contract documents or agreements binding on all parties to be signed by the Head

    of Consultant, UECSB and the Registrar of UUM.

  • Manage the financial of consultation projects in accordance with UECSB's policies and



  • Head of Consultants, members of consultation group and UECSB will work together as a group in producing the best quality of service. Specific responsibilities of the heads of consultants and consultants include:

    • Maintain UUM and UECSB's good reputation by producing professional and high quality professional standards and market standards.
    • Completing consultation projects in accordance with the terms and schedule entered into in the agreement.
    • Cooperate with UECSB in UECSB's marketing consulting service.
    • Comply with the terms agreed upon in the Consultation Services Agreement, the contract or the Project Consultation Agreement.

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