Guidelines for Programme Registration


  1. Complete the registration form that provided by UUM’s Academic Affairs Department (HEA) for Undergraduate Student and Postgraduate Schools for Postgraduate Studentand attached together with the following supporting documents :-
  • Certificate of Diploma/Degree/Equivalent Qualifications
  • Professional Certificates (if any)
  • Certificate of English Qualification
  • Full Academic Transcript
  • Prepare FOUR (4) recent color photographs, which must be fixed onto the related forms/ documents given.

* HEA is responsible to assess and filter the qualifications of students who will participate in this program as well as Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses to be taken after completion of the program based on the choices made by the students. For those who are meet/reach the requirements, HEA will issue the Conditional Letter of Offer to the selected students.

       2. Application of Student’s Visa via Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

               * EMGS is responsible to Management and processing of international studentapplications for a student pass/visa for study in Public and Private Higher Education                                                            Institutions, Language Schools, and Skills Training Centers in Malaysia.

  3. Settle all PAYMENTS before reaching Malaysia based current fee charges as referred to fee structure given. Kindly provide proof of payment (Telegraphic Transfer Slip) on the registration day.

  4. Documents to be submitted to UECSB during programme registration :-

  • Original Passport
  • UUM’s Conditional Letter of Offer
  • ORIGINAL Certificates of Diploma/Degree/Equivalent Qualifications (to be return after registration session)
  • Letter of Scholarship/Study Loan
  • 4 Recent Passport-Sized Pictures with Blue Background
  • 4 Recent Passport-Sized Pictures with White Background
  • Visa with Reference (VWR) Document
  • High School Certificate
  • Full Academic Transcript

5. Students will be equipped with the following documents upon arrival :-

  • CELEC Admission Guide
  • CELEC Rules and Regulations
  • CELEC Class Schedule

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